Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Holy logo confusion batlady!

Yup... it's that time again... dogs... invites... doggie-invites.
It's the Tails in the Twilight - The Wizard of Pawz - There's no place like home... event.  yup. It was a neck and neck battle for top billing but The Wizard of Pawz won in the end.

This project went, almost, too smooth. I'm going to say it was due in large part to my picking up a pencil and sketching out the demons before I started. I had WAY too many ideas for this thing but I decided that staying true to the film was my best bet. Sadly, this is the first time I didn't use any of my own photography for this project. Finding the perfect Cairn-Terrier online is probably as hard as finding one on the street to photograph. I couldn't really finish the left panel on the inside (with the two dogs) until fairly late in the game. The text was going to determine a large part of the look. In preparation, I had two looks sketched for this page but ended up having to go with the lighter more flexible version. So it works but it wasn't my first choice. All in all I think it came together pretty well. It's not quite press ready. It's missing some sponsor logos and minor type changes but all the background art is final so... here it is. Feedback is always a plus so feel free to chop away!