Monday, November 28, 2011

2011 Tails at Twilight

I was asked to create the Tails at Twilight invitation again this year. I was pretty excited to be working with them again but this time it was a bit more difficult. Again, I've tried to maintain a 'look' for EHS with the silhouette images, but reinventing it for the third time proved to be quite a challenge. The theme was based around a quote... "make it possible". I tossed around a few ideas but in the end I leaned toward something I had recently been studying. I work a few blocks from Chinatown in San Francisco and it's hard not to be influenced by the Asian culture and art. Cherry blossoms came to mind... it seemed like a perfect texture. In searching for a color palette I looked at a number of illustrations and watercolors to get the seasonal feel I was after. The event was going to be held in October so I wanted some Fall influence but I thought muddy pastels might be a nice dark touch for October. Anyway... enough gabbing here's the final product...

Paws in the park 2011... cont.

This is a VERY belated update... but... late is better than never. I ended up doing a lot of extra work on this project that included banners, posters and t-shirts. All in all I learned A LOT and was proud of the outcome. It was a very fun project... wish I could have been there to enjoy it in person. I heard that the t-shirts were a big hit... they were printed on bright blue shirts so the green really stood out. Here's a sample of my t-shirt design...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Work... aka... busy

Crazy days! I've taken on another San Diego Humane Society project. EHS puts on an event every year called paws in the park and I was asked to create Brochures T-shirts and posters. The brochures were printed this week. I will be working on refining images for posters this weekend and t-shirts should be ready by march.

After creating the invites for last years gala event I decided to stick with the silhouette theme. It really compliments their logo and I hope to start a trend for future EHS design. Nearly all the imagery was produced from photos I took at last years event. I feel that it brings a personal touch to the project.

Here's the first part of the project... the brochure...