Saturday, February 12, 2011

Work... aka... busy

Crazy days! I've taken on another San Diego Humane Society project. EHS puts on an event every year called paws in the park and I was asked to create Brochures T-shirts and posters. The brochures were printed this week. I will be working on refining images for posters this weekend and t-shirts should be ready by march.

After creating the invites for last years gala event I decided to stick with the silhouette theme. It really compliments their logo and I hope to start a trend for future EHS design. Nearly all the imagery was produced from photos I took at last years event. I feel that it brings a personal touch to the project.

Here's the first part of the project... the brochure...

1 comment:

  1. NIIIIICE! I really like the silhouettes... they say a lot without having to scream it in your face. Beautiful work, miss!